ES6 Tween

The most simple yet powerful tweening library, that you can extend, reduce, manager and use. Working with es6-tween library is easier than 1,2,3. TypeScript coding is making your workflow easier and faster

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Let's talk about library

Making animations becomes easier, using plug-in architecture keeps your code clean
Optimized code, Good performance, Secure and Flexible tweening library, even you can use it as Animation library
All of these things are Free, Open-Source and coded by @dalisoft with

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Our API documentation is good both beginners and advanced, as our library documentation covers all of our library methods, instances and simple demos

Plug-In Architecture

Limitless functionality, limit only is your idea. Our code already handles most case of tweening. You can extend by creating plug-in yourself, or use existing or not using. Keeping code clean makes your coding feel better

Optimized code

Optimizing code takes a lot of time, week, month or even years. That's good, because optimizing code makes your site faster and better. But our code frees your from optimizing Animation part of code, we did it for you


Our library runs as smooth as possible on any device. We support a lot of envoriments, browsers and device. Our browsers support is good (IE9+), while try to keep compatibility for older browsers (and can be done via polyfills/shims). Our library runs animations with same duration on any device, it means, no lag, no trick, no falsely promising

No Promising

We no promise to being fastest tweening library or the best tweening library around world. But we promise keeping our code live, enough fast, optimized and cleaner for you. And issues can be issued to GitHub

Free & Open-Source

We always support everyone, no matter who is, we always try to keep project available to anyone, who want use our project. Our library is licensed under MIT-License

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